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Commercial Painting

Be it an office, retail outlet or hospital, T&A Perfection Coatings is your trusted partner to call on. With our dedicated team of painters, who have specialized skills suiting the specific needs of your domain,

we have established a high-quality operation cycle that exceeds expectations and delivers the desired results with little or no interruption to the business routine. At T&A, we make sure we offer you the best solutions at a quick turn-around time, which involves simpler paper works, swifter planning and effective execution. When we say faster, we don’t compromise on the quality of the work we produce. It is this perfect combination which makes T&A your favourite commercial painter.

To achieve this on a constant basis, T&A Perfection Coatings ensures quality every step of the way, right from planning ‘till execution. It is collective factors like skilled craftsmanship, seasoned business practices, effective operation cycles, proper delivery management systems plus more, that makes T&A a quality player in the painting industry.

Quality – It’s What We Promise

Other Services

Our core focus is client satisfaction, we pride ourselves on providing personalized, professional and hassle-free services; day in, day out.

I was so impressed with the quality of the work Tau has done in painting my home. I have a lot of glass in the living areas the colours and finish were just perfect.!!

Nothing I asked for was a problem. Thanks Tau so very Happy

– Vicki A – Oatley

Was in desperate need of a paint job before Xmas. The guys here were super busy, but after being told by a friend to get them to do the job, I pleaded lol They managed to fit me in and I couldn’t be happier. Super clean job with absolutely no hassles. Thank you so much guys. Will be seeing you again soon.

– Robert Crosland

Very professional and high on detail! Would recommend these guys. They managed to get my whole living room and kitchen painted in 2 weeks whilst still maintaining a pristine finish. We’re more than happy to go the extra mile when needed. Thanks again Tau and the crew.

– Niamh Davison

Definitely recommend. Will exceed your expectations in their efficiency and quality of work. Have a look at the pictures after they painted the inside and outside of my house. Looks brand new and ready to sell. Thanks again guys.

– Matthew Bazini

Punctual and high quality. Painted our shop front in Westfields. Great team who pay close attention to detail. Always looking to go above and beyond. Recommend them for all painting needs.

– Julia Rasmussen

Awesome service! Very helpful in providing all requested tasks, even extras i asked last minute!! thanks so much to Tau and the team.

– Jennifer Lesands

Highly recommend these guys. They have painted my newly renovated kitchen. Very pleasant to deal with and go above and beyond your needs. Thanks again.

– Aimee Duchers

Very pleased with my kitchen and living room. Recommend these guys. Great attention to detail and were happy to go above and beyond. Thanks again.

– Jayal Rikes

Great attention to details and helpful in assisting all our needs. Thank you.

– Gerald Greene

After a substantial renovation, T&A Perfection Coatings painted all walls and ceilings in our flat. We were extremely happy both with the result and Tau’s method of working. It would be hard to imagine a neater worker: not a drop of paint anywhere; all cutting “perfection”; time taken to properly prepare and to sand woodwork between coats. Later had Tau clean and repaint our large garage. Again, a timely and faultless job. We found Tau to be extremely reliable in all respects – shows up when he says he will. Top class work, definitely worth the money.

– Jane Petkovic